Boys Over Flowers US Version Reaction [Boys Before Friends]

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    1. MisterPopoTV says:

      CL and Lee Hyori SBS Gaeyo Daejun Special Stage Reaction @MisterPopoTV

    2. GrowlingWithKai says:

      where can i watch the US version?

    3. Dangershoes says:

      I watch most of the first episode, and you summed it up really really well.
      It is pure evil. Now back to watching the MV reactions :)

    4. Alexis Rangsii says:

      Wtf. I dropped my plate when I saw that trailer. I’m scared.

    5. MisterPopoTV says:

      Short Version Reaction
      Boys Over Flowers US Version Reaction #STAPH #NO #EYECANCER

    6. yia yang says:

      This is pretty funny. Make my day.

    7. animekai says:

      SPOILERS……the WTF moment in BBF-USA: Tsukasa/Joon Pyo is not really
      interested in girls at all until Jan Di/Makino comes around…..Liam asks
      Zoey to give him and the boys lap dances and will throw a couple hundred
      bills at her,,, FACEPALM TO THE FULLEST

    8. 1withwolves says:

      wtf indeed.the men arent even remotely attractive…and this isnt because
      im asian biased…..its just….ew,no.

    9. Ida Reis says:

      I’ve watched the whole episode. Freaking boring as hell! Wasted 45 minutes
      of my life with that shit! Damn!

    10. Mel Ari says:

      *wtf indeed*

    11. ashestoyoursoul says:

      This manga has been remade too many times

    12. hala ibrahim says:

      Yesterday watched the USA version it sucks they can’t act

    13. LadyBossNinja says:

      I second this motion. WTF?

    14. AightAM says:

      Lol I had the same reaction

    15. Friezsnake says:

      Man thats nothing I watch the whole thing…… it was bad……. Boring
      indeed. Some dude with a bird nest dew. shoot cockroaches wouldn’t live in

    16. Uhlextric says:

      I had a pretty similar reaction. I was gonna give it the benefit of the
      doubt , but it seems like it’s not going to be really good.

    17. LyeLye says:

      My reaction was like “Wtf were they thinking!?”

    18. LuvRawSushiAndWhales says:

      That pretty much sums it up.

    19. thscream4 says:

      Fucking U.S. always messing up a good thing >.<

    20. opisthobranch says:

      You said it baby, my reaction

    21. Sunny Candy says:

      Lol the trailer itself looks like a parody

      I died laughing, they didn’t even get the cake part right….because it
      wasn’t a cake it was a pie…
      That casting tho xD

    22. SapphireSonatina says:

      Oh goodness, the US version… I don’t even…

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