Fabric Flowers.wmv

Erin Bassett shows you how to make fabric flowers.

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    1. verry yanto says:

      E qwqhSf

    2. smalltwngal03 says:

      very similar to this! by the way awesome video! I am wanting to make a
      vintage rolled rose like this looks a tiny different the item on ebay says
      vintage shabby rose but has a rolled rose beside it… any suggestions

    3. crazyxicexsk8er says:

      it doesnt even look like a flower…

    4. imani tasnim says:

      Robyn @hgb

    5. rpnewbs says:

      This is like the ribbon twist flowers I’ve seen, so probably your fabric
      scraps should be long and narrow, if you want it to look more like a rose…

    6. KoiNohappygolucky says:

      @KoiNohappygolucky I went to it, clicked tutorials and it says “I’m
      updating my tutorial links….so for right now please use the search box
      located above the categories section in this column
      ————————–>” but it points to a non existing search box and
      I want to know how to make zipper flowers @.@

    7. Petrucia Bucha says:


    8. 1ecajun says:

      I LOVE IT!! It’s simple yet very cute. I’m wanting to start making money at
      home by making crafts. I’m always looking for new ideas. I make flowers
      similar to the ones you see on purses only made with fabric instead of

    9. Erin Bassett says:

      @RysShorty Yep, although it can make your flower hard where you apply it.

    10. saji86 says:

      I’ve watched several tutorials on making this flower and yours is by FAR
      the easiest. THANKS!

    11. Claire Champion says:

      it would look better if you did another layer somehow

    12. letloveraindownover says:

      Thanks so much for posting! i love it!

    13. gianna verdi says:

      Mi fa pensare ad un sotto pentola….

    14. Hannahcopiclove says:

      so cute! :)

    15. Kennady Hoyer says:

      people just click on random videos and dislike.

    16. sonia nathalie says:


    17. toscolodoe says:

      What did you use as the base please?

    18. TadorTotLovesYou says:

      @CharmyCupcake then shut your ass and don’t watch it, what is up with
      people and their criticism!

    19. Josimare Santos says:

      eu quero uma rosa, nãso um rolinho com tiras de tecido….

    20. craftiness217 says:

      @RysShorty I used a ribbon and a hot glue gun and used a paper towel for
      the background so u can use a hot glue gun.

    21. combinethecat says:

      I made one of these and glued a pin to the back. I had already made a
      shirred t-shirt top from a tutorial and just made your flower to match and
      put a large rhinestone in the middle. Loved it! Thanks so much for the

    22. Maria Diana says:

      can you glue this onto a head band and make hair accessories out of it? and
      can you use ribbon instead?

    23. SaraFurmato says:

      @crazyxicexsk8er yeah it does a very cool one!!!!

    24. jessicasiuchinglee says:

      can you sew it instead of using glue?

    25. lordblacks mob says:

      i dont know if i like it or not….i looks like a mini rag to me…idk???

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