How To Preserve A Bouquet Of Flowers

Floral expert Carol Macht demonstrates how to preserve a bouquet for a beautiful dried flowers. To View How-To Videos on Almost Any Subject Visit: http://www…

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    1. catherine weiss says:

      thats great, but that women is a little rough

    2. christine hope bastian says:

      HI can i reuse the silica gel again or not? thnx

    3. Linda Roman says:


    4. Linda Roman says:

      My arrangement is with Hydroengeas

    5. Blair Murphy says:

      For Jack’s Rose

    6. ryls21 says:

      i received flowers 2 days ago. when should i start to preserve it?

    7. AmbieWolfie says:

      Also, can you keep and preserve the stalks attached?

    8. Cynthia Dawn says:

      walmart sells it

    9. Del Ray says:

      I am trying to preserve a single flower from my uncle’s funeral. Is this a
      good method for a single flower?

    10. euboi1011 says:

      where can i buy silica gel?

    11. euboi1011 says:


    12. AmbieWolfie says:

      Does this work for all flowers? 🙂 Thank you for the great video! 😀

    13. MonkeySee says:

      Try your local craft store, or purchase it online.

    14. molly hudgins says:

      Can you use the silica gel with a rose that has been already dried just by
      hanging upside down? Also an you use the silica on baby’s breath?

    15. buetiful1 says:

      That’s awesome, What would be the retail price for preservation?

    16. MonkeySee says:

      Your local craft store should have it, or try purchasing online.

    17. spark4058 says:

      do you preserve the stems, baby’s breath, moss and fern the same way as
      well, with the silica gel? also, i’ve read that you should store container
      it in a dark, warm area. is this advised?

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