Send Valentines Day Flowers To Canada From No Matter Where You Are

The fourteenth of February is a day celebrated world over, irrespective of one’s religion. This is a day of love and affection and is celebrated by expressing feeling towards others and is known as Valentine’s Day. In Canada, people exchange gifts with each other on this day like flowers, chocolates in heart-shaped boxes, heart-shaped balloons, valentine cards and teddy bears. In addition, many people organize parties for this occasion and celebrate this romantic day with their family and friends.

Though the history of Valentine’s Day is unclear many people believe that it has to do with the story of the bishop Valentine and relates all the way back to 270 A.D. in ancient Rome. At this time, the emperor had banned marriage for young men as he believed that marriage made them bad soldiers and a wife and children were a distraction on the battlefield. The bishop Valentine believed that this was unfair and continued to marry young lovers. For disobeying the emperor he was executed and put in jail during which time he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. He used to send her love letters and signed them off with ‘From your Valentine.’ After he was executed the Romans began a tradition where young men would draw women’s names out of a bowl and they would become their lovers for the following year. The church was revolted by this ritual and to abolish it they decided to use the story of St. Valentine and bring it about a courting season instead. Thus, in the memory of St. Valentine young men would court young women instead in the month of February with cards saying ‘From your Valentine’ and thus, Valentine’s Day was born.

Flowers are a very important part of this day and the best way to express your love to another.Florists in Canada have a number of special arrangements on this day for you to choose from. Red and pink roses are amongst the most popular ones on this day. Through online delivery service you can send Valentine’s Day flowers to Canada from no matter where you are and your flowers in Canada will be delivered fresh to your loved ones. Just imagine the happiness on your loved ones face once they read your name across the bunch of red roses!

Florists in Canada use this special day to increase their sales and have a variety of flowers for you to choose from. You can Valentine’s Day flowers in Canada in an elegant vase, a simple basket, wrapped extravagantly amongst papers and ribbons and you can even choose to pick out a single red rose.

Using these flowers you can express your love and affection towards your loved ones showing them that you really care for them. You can even give out flowers to your special friends showing them that you care for them. You can give flowers to Canada to anyone who has some sort of importance for you irrespective of their age. Even children celebrate this day by taking candies and Valentine cards for their classmates and teachers.

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