Valentines Day and the Florist, Make Your Flowers Stand Out in the Crowd

Ah, Valentines Day, a day of kindling the flames of love and reminding the ones we love just how much they mean to us. People express there devotion to another in various forms on Valentines Day but the most popular form of expressing their devotion is through flowers. Traditionally, dating back to the 17th century long stemmed red roses was the way to go to show that special someone just how much they light up your life.

However, you do not need to stick to the traditional long stemmed red rose. Step outside of the box and show your significant other in your own unique fashion just how much you care in hand selecting a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers from your florist. Anyone can get online, have a dozen red roses sent to their sweetheart, and they will look like the thousands of others who received the exact same thing. Let your special someone stand out in the crowd and know they are not just anyone. Between this useful guide and the help of your florist you can make that someone special feel even more special this Valentines Day

Flowers come in a hundred shapes and sizes and it is a pity when someone opts to choose the simply the standard rose. Not that there is anything wrong with that mind you, but your options are limitless if you put just a little thought to it. Let’s look at some popular flowers, colors and their meanings and you will see there is so much more you can say with flowers then simply I love you.

A red rose tells your sweetheart you have a strong passionate love for them but did you know that pink and yellow roses convey they are also your friend. On the other hand, how about a lavender rose telling them how pure you think your love is. A white rose will remind them on how innocently pure you think they are as well as charming while a red and white rose shows your undying unity with them.

Tulips speak just as loud. Did you know a red tulip says your sweetheart is your perfect lover? A yellow tulip tells them you are hopelessly and madly in love you are with them while a variegated tulip tells them just how beautiful you think their eyes are. Valentines Day is the perfect day to remind your special someone that you shall always remain faithful to them. You can do this with a little help from your florist and a beautiful violet tulip.

Lilies are such a pure and delicate flower so it is no wonder they speak of the softer side with a white lily stating how pure and sweet your partner is and a yellow tulip thanking them for choosing you. The aromatic lilac gives just the right touch in symbolizing the first emotions of love while a delicate rose bud expresses how lovely you think your sweetheart is. Mix any of these with a couple white carnations, which symbolize a love that is pure and ardent, and you are sure to have your special someone swooning over you for the rest of the year.

You may want to avoid yellow carnations though, as they symbolize rejection unless of course you intend on sending that message. For a past relationship that you may regret ending, a simple bouquet of pansies tells them you are thinking about and missing them. With the help of your florist, you can say so much more then simply I love you with flowers. Let the special someone in your life really feel special and relay that feeling in a beautiful mixed bouquet of flowers that do the speaking for you.

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