Valentine?S Day Flowers In India

Valentine’s Day Flowers in India Valentine’s Day celebrations in India depict the dramatic nature of this nation in the true sense. On one hand is the globalized India, ready to embrace every valuable gift of economic and cultural globalization and on the other hand, are the hardliners proclaiming it to be ‘western cultural attack on India’. The neo-rich society and youth of India believe it to be in resonance with the celebration of Kamadev’s (love lord) day and a reminder of Kama sutra (historical love treaty). But the hardliners, with Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal (right wing) activists on top of the list, take it as the incoming of sexual lust, contaminating the “sacred” Indian beliefs and atmosphere. Last year, Bajrang Dal activists painted the faces of Valentine couples with black color, punishing them for celebrating Valentine’s Day. This year Shiv Sena has planned to spread its camera loaded activists in every nook and corner of India. They will take pictures of unmarried couples making love with each other and send to their parents and force them to marry. Well, it could be more like a blessing in disguise for many than the punishment of celebrating Valentine’s Day. Electronic media, including TV channels and internet bloggers are making their plans to make this year’s Valentine’s Day celebration the most successful one. A group of love worshippers on facebook has been successful in getting more than twenty eight thousand members pledging to send ‘Pink Chaddis’ asValentine’s gifts to Shiv Sena activists. Despite all these ideological differences, Valentine’s Day, in India, is celebrated with full fervor. The decoration of roads and streets with floral arrangements is not common. However, you can see street Romeos everywhere weeks before the Valentine’s Day. A signature rose is the best choice for conveying love pledges to one’s Valentine. Those who can afford prefer expensive floral arrangements made of Orchids, Lilies, Carnations, Daisies and Roses. Valentine’s Day flowers in India are available on every renowned flower store. Restaurants, Pizza huts, Coffee Cafes and underground club owners make special arrangements for Valentine’s Day. You can see Valentine couples joining hands and kissing each other on special Valentine resorts. They hire top florists for floral decorations and offer discounts and add on to Valentine couples to attract more and more visitors.Online flower services to India enables lovers across the world to send Valentine Day flowers to India. Local online flower store keepers also provide country wide quality and same day delivery ofValentine’s Day flowers in India. Some bitter facts also deserve special mention here. Social rights organizations claim that Valentine’s season is the ideal time for love’ victims’ to take revenge of their rejection or insult. They take girls out with a happy mood and harass them sexually. They say that the rate of sexual assaults is the highest in this season. Valentine’s Day in India is celebrated in a dramatic way. Some support the celebration of Valentine’s Day while others take it to be cultural contamination. Despite ideological differences, Valentine’s Day invokes love in India’s atmosphere and people exchange flowers, love quotes, go for dinners and lunch with their date. No doubt, unique and spectacular floral arrangements are the most wanted products of the day and florists and flower store keepers make record sales on this day. Online flower services also help great Valentine Day flowers to make their way to India.

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